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По умолчанию Graphic Design Elements

graphic design
Graphic design, also known as the art of visual communication, is a creative process performed by a designer in line with the client's requirements of material data, and a number of producers, including print workers, programmers and directors, contribute to the output of this creative work.

They collaborate together in an effort to deliver a message to the target segment of their work. It is also known as the application of a set of principles and basics to certain elements in an effort to find a new visual communicative work of art based on a still image, and has a form either printed or displayed on a two-dimensional surface.

TRANSLATED FROM:شورت كات للديكور

the point
It is indicated that the truth or origin of everything in nature is a dot, and shapes begin to form by the grouping of a number of points with each other.

The line refers to a very narrow shape that has several functions represented by sense and movement within the spaces or what surrounds it. This stems from the extent of its ability to influence the eye and enable it to follow it in every direction it goes.

Each type of lines refers to a specific expression. For example, smooth straight lines indicate tranquility, calmness and stability. As for the other type, which is intersecting, opposing or in the opposite direction, it is an expression of interaction, activity, vitality and movement.

the shape
The shape (shape) represents a closed integrated line, and it is divided into several types, including: circle, square and triangle, in a more precise sense, they are regular geometric shapes

It also includes irregular shapes such as those found in nature, and in interior design the concept of shape can refer to the formation, or construction, that is, to bring a new form from an old form we have.

We can say that it is a reflection of visible objects on a flat surface according to what the beholder sees from a certain angle, that is, it is not similar to its real situation, so the novice designer falls victim to the error of ignorance of the rules of perspective, and the perspective is divided into two types: the linear and the antenna.

the color
Despite the large number of colors and the inability to limit them, there is a main classification of colors, which are: Cold colors: they include: blue and its degrees, and green and its degrees. Hot colors: They include red, yellow and their derivatives.

Based on the foregoing, the main colors are only red, yellow and blue, and the rest of the colors result from mixing these colors with each other to produce secondary colors. As for the white color, it is not considered a color, but only rays. As for the black color, we can get it by mixing it number of colors with each other.

the value
Value, which is the value taken by the luminous angle in the design, as it is of a higher value than any other dark angle, and the value is the degree of the light value falling on the area

It is noteworthy that ads designed in black and white only have a higher luminous value than others, and the more we go towards the black color, the lower the degree of illumination.

Texture is unique from the rest of the elements by attracting two senses at the same time: touch and sight, and its importance is in its ability to make the beholder distinguish the parts of the design by giving everything its own nature, such as the roughness that it highlights on the rough surface, for example.
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