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По умолчанию If you want to create a successful project from scratch, it can take 3 steps

If you want to create a successful project from scratch, it can take 3 steps

Many young people want to set up their personal projects, but they always struggle with how to start, and how to obtain the necessary funding for their projects, especially if they are technology-related ideas, or unfamiliar ideas, and need financial and technical support and follow-up, until the project reaches an appropriate degree.

Entrepreneur Radwan Al-Jabali said that the most important factor for the success of projects is financing, which is a concern of the emerging investor, explaining that there are some things that must be followed to build a project from scratch.

Companies establishment

First, the feasibility study
The success of any project depends on planning, knowing the cost of the project, the value of renting or buying a place and which is better, the employment, the requirements for the work, the time it takes to start reaping profits and profit, and make sure that the matter in the beginning may be frustrating, but once the work continues and builds Confidence with the workers that you are advancing at work.

Next come the methods of obtaining project financing, and they can be as follows.

Banking institutions
Of course, banks are considered one of the most important methods of financing for small projects, and in recent years there have been many products that support youth projects, however if you do not have guarantees for the success of your project, you may face some obstacles.
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Business Incubators
They are institutions, most of them affiliated with governments and another affiliated with educational institutions. They provide material, technical and technical support, but they choose specific technology projects, especially with new and developed ideas, and some of them provide services for specific periods.

Civil associations
If the idea of ​​the project is simple and traditional, then there are a number of NGOs that provide simple financing, most likely not exceeding 25 thousand pounds, but it may suffice in simple and traditional projects.

Third, the opening of the project
After conducting the feasibility study and finding the source of funding, the next step comes, which is the opening of the project, and in that case the opening date of the project comes, and in that case a suitable portion must be allocated to start only, and there are some studies that determine 20% of the project budget must be placed The opening ceremony and that in publicity, and even make a good impression on my customers. Establishing companies in Dubai
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